bicycle-selfie-6.gifWilu Projects is a micro consulting company (essentially me, Steve Cuming + associates from a wide network and talent pool).  Pretty well all my work is repeat or referral, so it appears that my clients are happy with the outcomes.

I bring ‘old school’ disciplines and ‘new school’ digital technology and agile practices to every project. Over the years, I’ve developed a comprehensive ‘Toolkit’ of techniques and techniques covering analysis, design, project delivery and change management.  This really speeds up projects, and keeps costs down.

This toolkit has been also been continuously adapted and extended to include Agile, Design Thinking, User Experience Design and Agile. Truth is… I’ve been doing most of the new school stuff since way back.

I love working in teams  and I’m easy to get on with.  Happy to lead or follow as required. I don’t have the overheads of large consulting firms, so I don’t need to charge their rates.  Contact me to discuss your project, ideas or requirements.

In my spare time I facilitate a portfolio of social and digital innovation projects.

Bio snapshot

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Services Overview

With a broad background, I can provide a wide range of services, or if I can’t do the work, find somebody who can. Including:

Project Management/Project Office

Project management services across the full cycle, from business case through to project execution and transition to business as usual.  Agile or waterfall.

Want a Project Office set up? Happy to help. I have templates and tools to cover just about everything. This saves a lot of time and cost. Once set up, you have a set of repeatable project processes.

Change Management

Project and continuous improvement-related change management services, including a toolkit of processes and templates.  Strong emphasis on visual communication, generating engagement and buy-in, training, communications, including explainers and infographics.

Analysis and Design

A toolkit of techniques, processes, templates and artifacts to cover all aspects of analysis and design, from user experience, service design, process and operations/backend design.  Big emphasis on Design Thinking type approaches, including facilitation of brainstorming and problem-solving, as well as more hard-edge disciplines such as process and data analysis, measurement and analytics.

This includes techniques and artifacts to translate requirements to technology solutions and architectures, and to surface the game-changing opportunities presented by digital.

Productisation and Startups

I have provided services at strategic and detailed levels for startups through to corporates looking to create new businesses or products through productisation processes.