Who are we?

We are an informal group of youngsters and a few oldsters who undertake exciting real-world digital marketing, gamification and community projects to build real-world skills and experience.  We’ve been doing this for over 10 years now.

We do this to help the group participants get good career starts (or refreshes), but mostly because it’s fun and interesting.


Some of the projects and successes include:

  • Running the marketing for a music venue
  • Developing and running a music site and gig guide
  • Running a successful community festival and arts promotion
  • Developing a health promotion computer game
  • Developing a computer art game with an established artist and the Indie-Pop group Lanks
  • Promoting an art exhibition using new school and old-school marketing

Our ‘graduates’ have gone on to some great careers, including a developer at Spotify, successful musicians, writers, editors, animators, designers, developers, marketers and even accountants.

Our focus is more on skills, collaborating with likeminded people and CV building.  Sometimes however there are paid commissions, or a bit of funding left over which can be distributed. We create industry introductions for participants where we can.

Who are you?

You are wanting to apply the skills you’ve learnt in class into some real life projects. Recurring relevant skills include digital marketing and software development, but illustrators, writers, photographers, designers, event managers, and go-getters who can contribute to the projects in any capacity are encouraged to apply.

You are willing to dedicate some time each week for the project and are available to catch up IRL. The hours depend on the stage and nature of the project and how efficient you are, but on average about 3-6. It is important to note here that you are self-motivated and self-managed. While we have some senior professionals who facilitate our learning and mentor us, how you approach the project and what projects you choose to be a part of are up to you.

You have a friend in mind that you’d like to do this with. From experience, successful collaboration seems to produce the best results so we are all for friends applying together.

We have some exciting new projects

We are looking for suitable individuals to join us and help us get to the next level.

Community Marketing Project

Glen Huntly Village has been doing some interesting community development and digital marketing over the last 4 years.  There is an opportunity to help them develop and implement a new-school marketing strategy and promotion program.  The key activities here will include:

  1. Development of a Marketing Strategy and program
  2. Development and management of the Digital Marketing platform and toolset, including Mailchimp, Hubspot, the website and social media channel
  3. Devising and running promotions and events

Relevant skills and interests include:

  1. Design (web, print, illustration, animation)
  2. Marketing/Digital
  3. Writing, Journalism
  4. Community development
  5. IT/Development
  6. Event management
  7. Health promotion

Digital Music Platform development and Analytics

We are in the early stages of developing a digital promotion platform for a band, and are looking for some assistance with:

  1. Database management (The band uses Hubspot & Mailchimp)
  2. Analytics/Business Intelligence (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Spotify, etc…)
  3. Development of the platform, including interfacing to Spotify, development of interactive promotions (eg. a web and mobile interactive album)

Relevant skills and interests would include:

Database & Analytics

  1. Digital Marketing

Platform development

  1. Software development with a focus on interactivity
  2. Software development with a focus on integration (to Spotify, Hubspot, Mailchimp)

How to get involved

If you are interested in getting involved, you can inbox Sam on facebook with a little paragraph about yourself,  mentioning your course, and what you’re hoping to gain from the programme.

You can also fill out the contact form below.

There are a few criteria which you might like to consider when deciding whether this is for you:

  1. We meet weekly for each project.  Mostly face-to-face in Glen Huntly.  (Very close to Monash Caulfield)
  2. You need to put aside a few hours each week to do stuff.  We like to make sure that each week some progress is made
  3. We aim for commercial quality output, and professional standards.
  4. We work as a team

I’m interested in being involved