Are you in Hospitality? (or customer service).  Do you have a Creative Side-hustle?

If this is you and you have  some sort of connection to Glen Huntly? (Hint… we’re not too fussy), then we’d love you to be part of our Hospo Art Exhibition Sunday March 31st,  2019  Date to be decided at Bar Royal in Glen Huntly.  Fill out the form, or check out the details below to find out what it’s all about. 

Register as an Artist for the Glen Huntly Hospo Art Project

Who are we?

We started out as a local trader’s group but have expanded way beyond those origins.  We run innovative projects in the Arts, Games Design, Health Promotion.  We’ve even run a local festival. We love anything digital and anything community.  We’ve launched quite a few careers. We have some great local sponsors who fund us.  Here’s what we have done in the past.

What’s this Hospo Art Thing?

This is our 7th Art Project.  We know that there are Hospo (and Service) workers out there who have really cool side-hustles.  We want to get you involved and showcase your work at the Exhibition.  

When and Where is it?

It will be at Bar Royal.  We haven’t finalised the date yet.  We’ll do this soon, when the team gets back together.

How do I get more information?

Send us an email at and we’ll get back to by email or by phone if you leave us your mobile no.  We’ll also be updating this website as well as facebook and Instagram.

Am I eligible?

Show some connection with the Hospitality/Service/Anything Industry (or make it up) and some connection with Glen Huntly (or make it up), and you’re in.  It also helps if you are good at something creative that we can showcase

You are NOT eligible if you are a sponsor of family member of a sponsor.  Sponsor staff ARE eligible.

How do I enter?

Fill out the form on this page

What can I enter?

Anything that we can showcase at Bar Royal.  So far we have digital works, photography, illustrations, tapestry.  Let us know what you are thinking of and we will do our best to include it.

Any prizes?

We’ve raised $500 in prize money so far… 

There will be prizes for:

  1. The ‘Popular Choice’ (The Art Piece with the greatest number of ‘Likes’ on facebook. Details will be published soon
  2. The best Art Piece, as judged by our Curator, Jane Mooney

Our gallery

Hospo Art Glen Huntly

Random selection of pictures, including past exhibitions and entrants to the Hospo Art Exhibition.

Photograph by Christian Hogue from the Exhibition 'Walkabout Glen Huntly'
Girls, first season by Kate Birrell
Valross' by Oscar, aged 15, Glen Eira College Popular Choice winner, Great Art Mashup, 2014
Collaboration between Glen Eira College, and Glen Eira U3A
Bohdan and Cooper fly in from Space: Collaboration (Steve - Rocket, Bohdan aged 4 - Space). Done on iPad
Bee by Jessie Jones
Bee by Jessie Jones
Spoons by Jessie Jones

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