Wilu Projects

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There are two sides to Wilu Projects: Design and Project Services and Social and Digital Collaborations. They overlap and feed off each other.

It’s all about learning, innovating, having fun and helping clients and communities to achieve good outcomes.

Design and Project Services

if you are looking for a safe pair of hands to help you with… business analysis, serviceSafe hands design, process design, productisation, project management or change management …at a very reasonable cost, you can jump straight to the Services page.

Social and Digital Innovation Collaborations


Alongside the serious stuff, we’ve been running some exciting and innovative projects in Health gamification, Games development, Community marketing, Art and Music.

These projects serve a real commercial or social purpose. Usually both.

We put these projects together with a mix of industry professionals, graduates, undergraduates, (youngsters and oldsters). Many of our ‘Alumni’ have gone to some really interesting careers in the arts, music, technology and business.

Interested in getting involved?

Are you interested in getting involved as a participant,  partner or sponsor?  We may have opportunities. We’d love to hear from you.  Find out more or contact us.

Here’s a quick overview of what we have been working on…

Health Gamification

Learning about health can be fun…


We brought together a group of games designers, developers and health professionals together to see what would happen.  The result was a really engaging way of learning the healthy food plate.

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Marketing Music in the digital era

Music marketing

We’ve been playing in the space for a while now. We are currently collaborating with an up-and-coming Australian Band (frequently played on Triple J) to support their digital efforts with the development of a digital tools and infrastructure.

Transforming a Local Community

We’ve been on a mission to bring a local community to life for some years, and we are getting great results in collaboration with local institutions and traders.  A mix of old-school local engagement and new school social media and digital are the ingredients.  It’s a journey however, and we still have plenty of interesting initiatives ahead of us.

glen huntly village

Arts innovation


Art is a particular passion of ours.  We’ve run a number of fun projects involving communities, and incorporating digital in various ways.

The ‘Great Art Mashup’ for example had a whole community mobilised to create 834 works from hundreds of artists and all the local schools.