How WorkCover works

Through a series of client assignments, I’ve created 2 versions of an infographic, one which illustrates the industry dynamics from the perspectives of the participants, and the other which shows how the technology elements (‘Architecture’) align with the business elements (‘Journey’) to provide a solution for a self-insuring employer.

I usually start with the people and their relationships and activities.

The next step is to storyboard Will the Worker’s Journey back to Work

We can the map the other players and their Journeys and interactions, with as much or little detail as required.  The process is great at surfacing the issues, insights and opportunities.  WorkCover is no exception.

Mapping out the Industry’s dynamics (Less detail)

Adding more detail to the Infographic

Integrating the Self-Insurer’s Journey with the Technology Solution

In this variation, the Journey from the Employer’s is integrated to the technology solution to create an overall solution on the same page.

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