Creating Simpler, Better Solutions

…with Agile Visual tools and Infographics

A well designed Visual tells a complex business or technical story quickly and effectively.  It’s an excellent way to get everybody on the same page with Business Models, Supply Chains, Digital Architectures, Customer Journeys and much more

4 step agile process to design Simple Solutions with Visual tools and Infographics

Download a brief visual explanation of a 4 step process. Using a Credit Card Application example

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This is what I do:

  • Agile Business Analysis
  • Design Thinking
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations
  • Business Cases
  • Project scoping and Setup
  • Change Management
  • Project Management

Engagement Models

Flexible Engagement Models including:

  • Standalone engagement (time and materials or fixed price)
  • As part of a team (eg. BA or Design Thinking role)
  • As a team lead

A selection of organisations where I’ve worked or provided services


Agile Business Analysis & Design Thinking with Visual Tools

The approach I use combines techniques from Business Analysis, Design Thinking and Technology Architecture alongside Visual Design and User Experience principles.  

It aligns with existing industry approaches, particularly Agile, and has been refined through many projects.

The focus is on quality solutions developed quickly and at low cost.

Putting Architecture and Business on the same page

Good solutions are developed when business and technology can be aligned.  Business Owners and Architects need to be able to see how their part of the picture interacts with the whole.

Agile Analysis and Design

Visual tools enable teams and stakeholders to travel the analysis and design path together because they can easily understand and share concepts across functions and disciplines.

Less time is spent zigzagging.  More time spent creating great solutions

Putting the numbers to the Infographic: The Business Case 

Visual models and Mathematical models make great partners.  They are at the heart of a good Business Case

Arts, Community and Innovation Collaborations

Angry Animated Cat

We’ve been running innovative digital and community projects for a long time now.  These have included Health Gamification, Arts projects and many more.  

Our latest event will showcase the creative side-hustles of the Hospo and Retail workers in our local community.  There is some amazing stuff being done.

Hospo Artists

A shout to all local Hospo/Service workers who have a creative side-hustle and some association (however tenuous) with Glen Huntly.  We want you, and there are prizes!

Santa goes Digital

Santa redesigns Christmas Delivery using visual design techniques and Infographics